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A Journey Through the Tides of Tradition

EST 1956

The origin of Skoufos Fishmarket

It all began with a simple fisherman’s dream, transforming the catch of the day into a community’s treasure. Through dedication and a passion for the sea, we’ve grown from a humble stall into a renowned market, known for our unparalleled selection of fresh seafood and artisanal services.

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  • Bringing the Sea's Bounty to Your Table

    At Skoufos Fish-market, we're committed to delivering not just seafood, but an experience. From the moment our local fishermen haul in their nets, to the careful preparation and packaging, every step is infused with care. Our mission is to bring the freshest, most flavorful seafood straight from our waters to your plate.

  • Seafood Delivery at your

    At Skoufos Fish-market, our commitment goes beyond providing the freshest seafood. We offer a suite of unique services designed to enhance your culinary experience, from the sea to your plate.

    Tradition, Quality, and Convenience

    Why Choose Skoufos Fish-market?


    A legacy of seafood excellence since 1964.


    Only the freshest, top-quality seafood makes it to your plate.


    Easy online ordering, with customizable options like cleaning and filleting.


    Ready to dive into the freshest catch?

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